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Opinion Share sponsors many different types of market research, from online surveys and focus groups, to taste tests, online research communities, and other market research activities. We do this for businesses all over the world who are interested in the thoughts and opinions of US consumers. In return for your opinions, companies are willing to pay for your thoughts. Simply fill out surveys or participate in other research activities and you'll be paid for your time. Payment for completion of this research is through PayPal. Research participation can be as little as $.25, but can also be as large as $125 depending on the amount that's involved in the market research. Try it out!

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Scam Alert: There are individuals or companies pretending to be the Opinion Share Panel. None of our surveys require you to complete an "offer" and the incentive is always PayPal credit, never gift cards or anything else. Our surveys are always email invites only after signing up for the panel. If the survey says it’s from Opinion Share, but doesn't come from our domains (opnshr.com and opinionshare.net). then it didn't come from us.