Don’t Forget Charities During COVID-19

Months into the pandemic and COVID-19 has become the center of our lives. Rightfully so, as the toll this virus has taken on our lives, our health and our livelihoods is unprecedented. But, there is one thing that remains the same: the need for sustaining charitable organizations. In fact, we’d argue that the need is now even greater as more people need assistance, whether it’s from food banks, community services, health services or any number of invaluable resources these non-profits provide. That’s why it’s so important to continue supporting these organizations even as we’re faced with so many other challenges. 

Ongoing Commitment in the Market Research Industry

Service is at the core of the market research industry. That’s why giving back to those in our communities and around the world is a commitment we are honored to be a part of, especially during these difficult times.

Here at Ironwood Insights Group, we support Marty's Orchid House. 

Located in Louisville, KY, our official charity is a therapeutic day program for young children facing behavior, emotional and health challenges to allow intense intervention along with integration and socialization with peers. Just as an Orchid is very sensitive to its environment and requires specific conditions to thrive, many children require a positive and supportive environment to reach their full potential. 

Hundreds of firms in our industry are supporters of a wide variety of non-profits. Here are just a handful of examples:

How You Can Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can support charities during this time, even with all the social distancing measures in place. What’s more it doesn’t require a large financial commitment which we know can be a struggle right now. Here are some ideas:

Donate Blood – Donations are down but the need is constant. You can still donate blood safely in areas that have shelter in place declarations as this is an essential activity. The American Red Cross has additional details.

Donate Food – Check your local food bank or organizations like Feeding America as school closures, lost wages and unexpected medical expenses are increasing the demand for assistance with food and supplies.

Foster a Pet - With animal intake increasing and restrictions limiting staff, shelters are struggling. Fostering can ease the strain, and you get the companionship and stress relief that pets offer. Check your local Humane Society or local rescues to learn more.

Remember the Arts – The arts play an important role in our society too. In addition to donations, you can support your local arts community by attending online performances, classes and exhibits and sharing their fundraising campaigns across social media.

Whether you give back as a company,  individually, or both, what’s important is that we all continue to do our part in supporting charities.

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