Analytics & Reporting

Professional Reporting That You Can Understand And Rely On

A full complement of analytics tools and know-how enables us to design a solution that best addresses your business issue.

We Help Uncover Relevant Insights

Driver Analysis

  • Multiple regression
  • Logit
  • PLS
  • Tree analysis
  • Bayesian Networks

Product Design, Pricing and Volumetric Models

  • Conjoint and discrete choice
  • Max-diff
  • VanWestendorp analysis

Factor/Cluster Segmentation Algorithms

  • Latent class
  • Ensemble
  • K-means
  • PLS
  • Smart crosstabs

Non-verbal Emotional Response

Text Analytics

Our proprietary Text Analytics platform is customized for each client based on their own needs. Data can be pulled from review websites, social media, business intelligence, traditional data collection, including focus group transcriptions, or any other data source. 

Explore, measure and understand what “Big Data” has to offer and how it can drive business decisions, answer company questions, measure performance and help streamline business processes. 

Information is only useful when it is conveyed and understood properly. We will create custom data visualization dashboards to give you the perfect blend of visual elements and analytics. 

Great to analyze:

  • Data related to your customers
  • Inbound support call data
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Market research surveys
  • Website reviews

Types Of Analysis That We Offer

  • Topical analysis
  • Emotional components
  • SWOT analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Brand strength

Custom Data Visualization Dashboards

The perfect place to display, understand and analyze your data for inbound support calls, customer satisfaction data, review sites, social media, forum, customer data or any other data source. 

You don't have to settle for off the shelf dashboard visualization. With scalable, tailored packages, from simple to highly complex our custom data visualization dashboards are the perfect compliment to our text analytics offering.

Our experience is our Promise

Our reports are structured and written by seasoned researchers who have several decades of experience. Most have worked on the client side – advertising, PR and business consulting. We provide not just insight but perspective to our clients.

We've Helped Other Businesses Just Like Yours

I have partnered with the Ironwood team for over 10 years and consider their contributions vital in the change of venue surveys in capital cases. Ironwood’s research consultation, their administration of the telephone surveys, the quality of their data they provide, and their assistance in presenting the results in a court of law are all paramount to my success as a jury expert.

Dr. Mykol Hamilton
Jury Consultant/Expert


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